Standard translations

This category involves all translations which are neither certified nor technical, usually including documents such as reports, letters, general interest articles, etc.

For this type of documents, fees are set on a per-word basis, so that the final estimate will depend on the total word count. There is however a minimum predetermined cost equal to 250 words for shorter documents.

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Certified translations

This category comprises all translations requiring the signature of a certified or sworn professional who can guarantee the accuracy of the translation. This applies to legal documents such as contracts and agreements, notarial certificates, judicial decisions, etc.

For this type of translation, fees are not determined on a word count basis but according to the number of pages to be translated. By way of illustration, one page is deemed to contain approximately 500 words. The minimum cost is equivalent to one page.

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Legalization is the procedure by which the CTPCBA certifies that the signing translator is a member of that institution. This procedure has a set cost which is fixed by the CTPCBA and must be added to the total cost of the translation.

In order to spare our clients this procedure, at ElyCan we ourselves take the responsibility of having the translated document legalized by the CTPCBA before delivering it to the client.

Technical translations

This category applies to any document with a high degree of complexity as it relates to a specific field or subject. Examples include manuals, user instructions, technical specifications, as well as the translation of web sites.

In such cases, the final cost will result not only from the word count but also from the degree of complexity. As in the case of standard translations, there is a minimum predetermined cost equal to 250 words.

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For obtaining the best possible outcome, the translator should have a chance to consult the professional who prepared the document and/or is familiar with its subject . In this way, the resulting translation will meet the criteria applied by clients themselves when drafting their own documents.

Since we are interested in complying with the standards characterizing our clients' documents, we welcome any contribution, clarification and/or guideline they may offer us before, during or after the translation work.